Auckland - Crystal Palace - Grand Finale - NEW DATE

By Aotearoa Surf Film Festival (other events)

Friday, May 19 2017 6:30 PM 10:00 PM NZST

Welcome to the 5th annual O'Neill Aotearoa Surf Film Festival

ASFF 2017 National Tour - Auckland


FRIDAY May 19TH - Crystal Palace, Mt Eden

Thats right ASFF returns to the legendary Crystal Palace. We are looking forward to coming back to Auckland and sharing the best international surf films with everyone! Come on down for an epic night of surf cinema and good times!

Session 1, 6:30pm: 

SHORTS: A selection of films from the ASFF short film competition
FEATURES: Let's Be Frank

Session 2, 8:30pm: 
SHORTS: A selection of films from the ASFF short film competition
FEATURE: One Shot + The Accord

Full Night pass - $25
Come along for both sessions and make a night of the incredible surf films we have on offer.
Single Session - $16



Pre-book online and don't miss out!

A licensed bar will be available in the cinema for the main festival.


LET'S BE FRANK (South Africa/USA)

Director: Peter Hamblin

Frank James Solomon will let nothing get in the way of his dream of being a pro surfer. He battles waves, attacks problems head on and busts down barriers. His many complex facades are a source of intrigue for our narrator, an inquisitive aristocrat. Our conspirator guides us through mirrored worlds of fact and fiction, proposing wild theories and exposing a realm that lies somewhere between reality and what we are continuously told to believe. Let’s Be Frank draws together a cast of iconic surfers, including John John Florence, Jamie O’Brien and Pat O’Connell, with actors such as Cokey Falkow (Penny Dreadful) and Michael Redmond (Vikings), to tell a genre busting, multi-layered story of big wave hold downs, back street beat-downs and North Shore show-downs. Up-and-coming Director Peter Hamblin has produced a trademark visual feast combining stunning cinematography with a fast-paced, edgy storyline. Juxtaposing a stylized 50’s colour palette with the crisp clarity of the coastal landscapes from South Africa’s Cape Town to a Mexican Pipeline, the gnarly North Shore of Hawaii to the Irish seaside resort of Bundoran, this feature film takes you on a journey across the globe and to the edge of reality.

Film Trailer:

ONE SHOT (Australia)

Russell Ord wakes one morning in Margaret River, looks over the photos he’s spent a large part of his life capturing and is filled with an overpowering sense of dissatisfaction. The shots are good and have graced the covers of surfing magazines worldwide, but deep down Ord knows he didn’t walk away from a secure career as a fire fighter to just take “good” shots. He wants to go to bed at night knowing he’s taken that “one” shot, the one he'll remember not because of the surfer's name or reputation, but for the position he had to be in to capture it. Just down the coast is a thick, evil, brute of a wave he knows will deliver the opportunity to capture just that. But as a loving husband with three kids it’s not lost on him that the end goal, and that drive to have ‘his moment', isn’t going to come without sacrifice.

Director/Producer: Darren McCagh

Film Trailer:



Director/Producer: RC Cone

The reality of growing up a surfer in Iceland is different from anywhere else in the world. It’s a harsh place. There are no surf shops, guidebooks or webcams. But being so far removed from the hustle and bustle of the known surf world hardens Iceland’s surfers to confront the issue they all must face: the North Atlantic wind. Follow Heiðar Logi Elíasson on his journey through Iceland searching for that rare, yet significant, compromise that brings both Icelandic surfers and the North Atlantic wind to the table.

Film Trailer:


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